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  Recent themes in Sunday morning worship services have included The Love of Jesus in Transforming Various Relationships and the Power of the Gospel in Cross-Cultural Missions and Evangelism, right here in Pecos and beyond. Please join us as we continue to live out these themes in several ways in the weeks and months to come.  
      Sunday School Promotion takes place on September 3rd, with children and youth moving up to the classes associated with the ages and grades they recently started at school. Let’s do our best to have teachers in place, especially since more children are coming on Sunday mornings for the breakfast, the children’s challenge, and our new Children’s Worship service too. AWANA registration is from 5:20 to 6:30 on Wednesday, September 6th. We will need representatives from each club to help sign everyone up and meet those parents who come.  There will be a sign-up sheet for adults interested in “Celebrate Recovery” too. The first full night of AWANA, with a meal and all clubs meeting, will be September 13th from 5:20 to 7:30. We need all the helpers we can get for this important outreach and discipleship time for both children and youth.                       
      Please contact Jeanine Ivy about how you can help for our  upcoming Teacher Appreciation Worship Service and Luncheon on Sunday, September 17th. We are sending out hundreds of invitations to school employees and will need help from everyone to make this big outreach event a true success. The church is providing the meat. Talk to Jeanine about what  food items you can bring, so we will have a full menu. RSVPs will be needed for non-members so we can plan how many to feed. Reservations can be made by calling the church or the pastor.                                
     Two men from Revive Texas recently met in our church library with pastors and leaders from representative churches here in Pecos, to discuss ways that our area congregation might work together to do evangelistic outreach in this community.           Revive Texas will be back in our area for two important meetings on Thursday, Septembers 14, at 10 AM and 6:30 PM. The morning meeting will be held at Word of Hope for pastors, deacons, and other key church leaders who may be able to attend. That night, everyone interested in hearing how several of our Pecos churches may have the opportunity to work together in following a simple method for outreach is invited to come out to the Country Club at 6:30 and hear from Revive Texas representatives as we pray about unity and evangelism among the churches in Pecos. We just received word that Revive Texas will pay for the meal, but they will set out a hat for contributions to help with the expense. Join us on Thursday night, September 14th, at 6:30 as we break bread together at the Reeves County Country Club to hear possible outreach strategies, and pray about our churches working together for a concerted effort in evangelistic witnessing in Pecos. Business and community leaders are especially encouraged to make a special effort to be there and hear from Revive Texas. Pray also for youth as they gather for “See You at the Pole” early on Wednesday morning, September 27th. This year, Ruth will pass out “Truth for Youth” bibles and “In God We Trust” wristbands for those who attend, with the prayer that those gathering will have a lasting impact on the P-B-T ISD school system and a great number of students. Yes, the love of Jesus has the power to transform relationships, and the gospel has the power of salvation to all who believe. Let’s do our part to break down barriers and build bridges with Jesus’ love and the gospel message, using every chance God gives us to make a difference for His Glory!
Kevin. G Mitchell