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     Wickedness seems to be everywhere. Sin and even criminal activity not only abound, but often go unpunished for now, even in what once were the halls of justice, throughout our land. There is so little true reverence for God or fear of His wrath,  much less an awe of His glory, a gratitude for His mercy, and the thrill of his wonderful grace to those who repent and believe. 
     Against this backdrop of sin and corruption, the voice of the LORD was so often heard by the prophets who were quick to decry the victimization of the poor and the widow. Their thunderous pronouncements of judgement called the nation to see their sin and cry out to God for mercy. Genuine believers in the one true and almighty God have always interceded for the people and pleaded that God's just wrath upon wickedness somehow be tempered against the breaker of his mercy and compassion. But, in order to be rescued, the people must recognize their sin, cry out for forgiveness, receive God's cleansing, and be empowered for change by God's Spirit, to live for His glory once again.    
     God is up to something big in His churches here in Pecos. His Spirit is moving anew and afresh against the backdrop of darkness in high places. Spiritual warfare, doing war on the floor in prayer with protection in the strength of Christ's armor, is the only answer to the pulse of greed, pleasures of the flesh, and piracy of justice that is embraced so readily in this place.  
     Those with eyes of faith see the invisible hand of God at work in life's difficulties, opportunities, and victories. There is no doubt that God is already stirring in the hearts of pastors and other church leaders here in this community. Outside ministries have gathered at our doorsteps to call us back to the basics of deep prayer and faithful witnessing. Prayer Across Texas and Revive Texas have been in Reeves county to call Christians and churches to get on their knees and go out into the streets to pray for revival and boldly share the gospel with the lost.
     In November and December, events are already planned to unite God's church in praise, prayer, and proclamation of the gospel through personal witnessing, to reach a city that is desperately in need of the salvation that only God can give, through His Son Jesus Christ. Mark your calendars now to do your part to get in on what God is already doing in our city.   
     On Thursday evening, November 2nd at 7:00, our deacons and their wives are asked to meet here at First Baptist Church with a representative of Revive Texas to prayerfully commit to lead our church in this renewed call to reach out to the lost for Jesus in Pecos. There will be a community-wide celebration of singing and a sermon challenge given on Friday night, November 3rd at 6:30, West Park Baptist Church. Saturday morning, November 4th from 8:00 till noon, we will meet back at West Park for encouragement, witness training review, breaking up into teams, going out to pray for people and witness, then return for a time of celebration reports. Simple color coded wristbands with matching marked New Testaments make this witnessing strategy so easy that we all can do it effectively.   
     Mark your calendars way in advance for an intensive time of Revival Outreach in early December for praying, witness training, gospel sharing, reports on visits,  and enlistment of helpers to disciple new Christians. From Friday evening, December 8th through Wednesday night December 13th, we will be canceling all regular meetings, except our Sunday morning worship service to participate in a Revive Texas effort throughout Reeves County.     

     Numerous meals will be prepared by different churches during this revival outreach effort that will have a full schedule everyday. Our church will be responsible for a luncheon on Saturday, December 9th, and the supper on Wednesday, December 13th. We will need all hands on deck for the meal and outreach time on Saturday, December 9th. My apologies for all inconvenience but assurance that the work will definitely be worth it. AWANA will be canceled on Wednesday, December 13th, to fully participate in the Revive Texas week. We may need to give Barbara Heibert some extra help that Wednesday evening because the meal she prepares will be for all attending the revival  meeting that night.
     This is all new to me as well, and there are bound to be lots of questions. Come to everything scheduled in November and you will be fully informed about the intensive Revival effort in early December.
Working with You For God's Glory,
Kevin G. Mitchell